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Roma Dalila M. Dyskretny Urok Burzuazji


My name is Roma Dalila Mercedes Dyskretny Urok Burzuazji but in town people call me Damgan, like a beautiful small town of southern Brittany. I was born on December 27, 2008 in Poland. I have left my brothers and sisters and the cosy comfort of the western suburb of Varsovia, aged 5 months, courageously drove a thousand miles to arrive in the north of Bordeaux.

After a few hesitations I met my two elder sisters, Chouchen and Charlie without forgetting my kind and nice Auntie Aby who rules when she is with us. As my playing partners do, I am trying to tame my masters by using my charms to get them let me do what I want to do. But I am not there yet: they forbid me to chew their shoes, the furniture, to go up the sofas, to go in the bedroom and to climb on the bed....

My masters want to thank Katarzyna and Marek (NIESFORNA GROMADKA), Krystyna and Marek (DRACZYN), without forgetting Krzysztof (DYSKRETNY UROK BURZUAZJI) for their reception and their kindness, and professionalism.