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Breeder number: 941890
Affix number: 71431

There are available puppies at oflunabay, south of Limoges !


At the beginning, I wanted to adopt a French bulldog, but when I saw this little chubby hairball full of tenderness, I fell in love at first sight : I introduce you to my first English bulldog called Chouchen. A real little brat who snores, farts and who is stubborn as a mule.... But I love her and she feels the same towards me.

Firts and foremost, I want to thank the English bulldogs' lovers who advised me and left a small hair ball to my care. I also praise their patience for having regularly provided me with photographies of the puppies. I thank J.F. Eono from Snowbulls, as well for he created my website.

The English bulldog is lively, bold, reliable, courageous ; he probably has a frightening aspect but he is very affectionate by nature. His small height and his good-natured temper make him a good citizen who fits easily to life in a flat. Chouchen is usually calm and doesn't bark a lot. This website is dedicated to her and to her future descent.....

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I live near Bordeaux (France), and if you wish to, you can contact me by mail or on my mobile phone : 0033 612104640.

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